Welcome to Serenity Falls; a mid-sized mountain town nestled in Nothern Ontario’s portion of the Canadian Shield. Serenity Falls is an upper-class community, with the majority of it’s population coming and going on a seasonal basis, or being wealthy retired people. There is an element of the middle class, working mostly in the mining industry. There are several lodges in the town, offering recreational activities for their members. One such lodge is the Talon Lodge.

You have been members of the Talon Lodge for awhile now. There are several other lodges in town, but for one reason or another each of you was drawn to the Talon Lodge, may it be a dart league, bingo, cheap drinks in the lounge, or any other of a range of reasons. Recently, each of you has distinguished yourselves in some way, and as a result you have all been voted in to become VIP members of the lodge.

Unfortunately for you, as you go through the initiation rites and receive your membership, you are made aware that being a VIP member means you must take part in The Games. Can you survive?

The Object and Rules of the Games
The object of the Games is to defeat each member of your rival lodges’ teams. This can be done by either killing, crippling (mentally or physically), or socially destroying the opposing team members. You can also cause opposing team members to surrender to you.

To enter the Games, you must set forth your Wager. Your Wager must be something of profound importance to you, and upon your defeat, it will be surrendered to the opposing team member whom defeated you.

There are only two rules to the Games: No one not involved in the Games is to ever know the Games exist, and no participant in the Games may act upon any non-participant who is a member of any lodge. The punishment for breaking either of these rules is to be Vanished.

The Games

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