Talon Lodge

Talon Lodge
Aspects: Guild of hunters and trappers; Old log long-hall in the mountains;

Foundation: The Talon Lodge was founded by a guild of hunters and trappers in 1834, and has been around ever since. Over the years, more and more non-hunters have been accepted as members. The tenants of the lodge have gone by the wayside over the years, and today the Talon Lodge is more a general social club than anything else.

Activities: The Talon Lodge hosts fishing derbies, hunting trips, camping excursions, and all other manner of outdoors activities. Talon also hosts dart, crib, eukre, and shuffleboard leagues. Talon has a bar, several pool tables, and a large patio for outdoor drinking.

Notable members: (To be listed later)

Influence: The Talon Lodge is the least influential lodge in town. It has a strong history, but it’s open-door policy to the general public renders it sub-class in the eyes of the rest of the lodges, who are generally elitist.

Strengths: Where the Talon’s shine is in their resourcefulness.

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Talon Lodge

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